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Values, Politics and Safe Spaces Policy of Palestine Place

Below is a set of politics, beleifs, and values agreed on by a group of people within the space at a general meeting on 05/06/2012. These are intended to make the space as friendly accessable and safe as possible.

The Politics that unite this space are three demands made by Palestinian Civil Society:

• An end to the occupation and colonisation of all Arab lands occupied since


• Equal Rights for Palestinian Citizens of Israel (1948 Palestine).

• Respecting, protecting, and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to

return to their lands as stipulated in UN Resolution 194 (The right of return).

Beyond this Palestine Place will not be dogmatic nor perscriptive about attitudes, opinions, or beliefs within the space that relate to the political debate around Palestine.

However, Palestine Place is an anti Zionist and anti racist space. Expressions of oppressive beliefs, dogmas, and/or politics relating to either the subjugation of the Palestinian people or of an anti semetic nature will not be tolerated and may result in a person being asked to leave.

Within the space we strive to regard and treat all human beings equally, regardless of class, race, sex, “gender”, sexual preference, colour, belief, age, ability, or difference. Everyone has a right to be respected and treated equally within the space.

Sexist, racist, classist, homo/transphobia and other oppressive behaviours will not be tolerated and may result in a person being asked to leave.

We ask everyone to be aware of their personal privileges (such as being white, male, middle class etc) and to act against them.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe around another person in the building please talk to someone who is organising the space.

For cultural, security, and productivity reasons, Palestine Place is a drug, alcohol, and smoking(inside) free space. We ask that no drugs or alcohol are brought into to the space; smoking is allowed in the back garden.

Some areas may be off limits as they are designated for the people who are running the space. We understand that this may be problematic or could create hierarchies, but it is important that the building is kept safe and secure in order that we canmaintain the space for the full two weeks. We ask that people respect any “No Go” areas.

Please try to keep the space tidy, and lend a hand in washing up and cleaning things

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